Digital Design and Fabrication Workshop: V0.3: Agent-Based Modeling

This Studio Focused on using Agent based systems as morphogenetic platforms, student asked to try a bottom-up approach in order to explore bio-systems that imply agent-based/Swarm behaviours. each group observe a separate concept in Nature and by extracting the behaviour patterns and interconnecting rules they simulated thata process computationally. later this computational Model is developed and modified to comply certain architectural Tasks. eventually a small scale prototype was fabricated so the student could have a complete experience from idea to fabrication process. The Course was directed by PARAGEN in 8 weeks and Hosted by University of Tehran’s Computational Design Department.


Date: Oct. 2015
Location: Tehran, Iran
Tehran University, Collage of Fine Arts, School of Architecture with MA Students of Computational Design
Course Directors/Tutors: Sina Salimzadeh, Esmaeil Mottaghi, Arman KhalilBeigi
Students: Abutorabi – Behnam – Eskandari – Farahdokht – Mirniazmandan – Yazdanfar – A. Soltanzadeh – A. Heidary – F. Ensafi – Sh. Shobeiry – Z. Bagherian – M. Esmaeili – A. Ghazvinian – Z. Jalali – A. Mousavi – F. Ghorbani – Sh. Keramati

دوره کاربرد علوم پیشرفته کامپیوتر در معماری دیجیتال: طراحی ایجنت-محور

زمان: پاییز ۱۳۹۵
محل برگزاری: تهران، دانشگاه تهران – گروه کارشناسی ارشد تکنولوژی معماری
مدرسین: سینا سلیم زاده، اسماعیل متقی، آرمان خلیل بیگی