Ehteshami Music Academy

The project was focused on fluid geometries and plasticity of space. Derived from the concept of the project several free-form geometries were proposed at early stages of design. This free form surface serves as integrated Furniture and interior walls and built-in shelves and storages added later to these elements. Due to our algorithmic approach, by having an initial design, the process of regulation and rationalization of the fabrication was the main interest. Eventually the solution was the estimation of the free form geometry with a combination of Ruled surfaces and Single-curved primitive shapes. Later specified fabrication techniques was proposed for each of these geometries.


Date: Fall 2017
Location: Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran
The 8th Conference on World Trade In Furniture, Art, Design, Decoration And Correlated Industries
Design and Fabrication: Sina Salimzadeh, Esmaeil Mottaghi, Arman KhalilBeigi
Associate Architect: Vahid Zolfi
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering: Hadi Abri
Construction Associate: Abad Tadbir Ltd.

آکادمی پیانو سامان احتشامی

زمان: پاییز ۱۳۹۵
مکان: تهران، سعادت آباد
طراحی و ساخت : سینا سلیم زاده، اسماعیل متقی، آرمان خلیل بیگی
همکار طراحی: وحید زلفی
برق و تاسیسات: هادی ابری
همکار اجرایی: مهندسین مشاور آباد تدبیر