Algorithmic Design Lecture Series V1.0: Generative Design

These lecture series are organized by Paragen and are hosted by different universities. The Main purpose in these lectures is to talk about Computational Design but topics like Generative Design, Design Process integration, Algorithmic Problem Solving, Machine Learning and … are also covered.
Some of the Contents of these lectures will be updated here in the ‘Academia/resources‘ section as soon as possible. This data by nature is more suited for Master and PHD Students.


Date: Jan. 2015
Location: Tehran, Iran
Held by: Azad University
Lecturers: Sina Salimzadeh, Esmaeil Mottaghi, Arman KhalilBeigi

سلسله درس گفتارهای معماری دیجیتال

زمان: زمستان ۱۳۹۴
محل برگزاری: دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی
مدرسین: سینا سلیم زاده، اسماعیل متقی، آرمان خلیل بیگی